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We believes that electro mechanical efficiency is elementary to any business growth and success.

ELEMEX ELECTRO MECHANICAL CO. LLC – o.p.c is established in Abu Dhabi, in the year
2009 to operate in the United Arab Emirates, with a focus on Electro Mechanical Works,
Interior Decoration and Networking Projects.
Our Company currently employs more than 110 employees, working in various Categories of
Electromechanical and Networking works

Why You Should Choose Us

We have confidence with our staffs, about their expertisation and experience in the field of
electromechanical works related to the electromechanical projects like, Airports, Power, Oil
and Gas Sector, Ware houses, District Cooling plants and associated pipelines and its


In less than a decade, ELEMEX has proven its core competencies and competitiveness with projects in vital national sectors such as oil and gas, power, utilities, district cooling Plant and associated pipelines and instrumentation.


Our staffs are well educated & experienced in the industry and competent with the discipline and special clients. We are fully aware about the specifications and requirements of the client and we strive to satisfy our client’s incompliance with their needs.

ELEMEX Company Services.

ELEMEX offers a wide spectrum of specialized services:

  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of LV & MV Electrical works for Factories, Airports, Warehouses and Commercial buildings.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Electrical works for Baggage handling system in Airports.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Heat Tracing System.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of BTU Meters.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Plumbing, Drainage and Water and distribution System for Commercial and Residential including Warehouses.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Fire Protection System for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Projects.
  • Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of HVAC works for Factories, Airports, Ware houses & Commercial buildings.
  • Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Generators and Transformers
  • MV & LV Substations and Associated works including Authority approvals.
  • Electrical Instrumentation  works for Oil and Gas fields, on shore and off shore.
  • MV (11KV) &LV cabling & terminations.
  • Networking (structured cabling, voice & Data Network)

Quality Policy

The effective implementation of the ELEMEX Quality Management System States as follows:

  • All activities performed in the course of construction and execution of the projects shall be in accordance with the contract document requirements and the governing national and international codes and regulations as well as with the company’s own quality management system
  • The Quality Management System shall be applicable to all projects and shall be adopted for the specific needs of the project as per the individual contract documental requirements.
  • During the contract execution and maintenance period, we will provide all the necessary assistance to the customer as per the contract requirements.
  • Our aim is to ensure that our products and services will be in conformance with the contract quality. Our internal quality system is fully fledged to process any complains professionally, promptly and within the purview of the contract.
  • We shall continuously improve our Quality Management System, our resources and techniques to increase the efficiency of our operations by regular monitoring of the project progress.
  • ISO Certified 9001-2015, ISO 14001-2015, ISO 45001-2018  Please find the Certifications by CLICKING HERE.

Health, Safety & Environment Policy

ELEMEX, a dynamic organization in the world of Engineering and Construction activities who respect knowledge and creativeness. ELEMEX are committed to achieving high levels of Health, Safety and Environmental control and have established Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management Systems to reduce and control HSE risks under the principle of respect to human life. 

The ELEMEX HSE Management Systems is designed and implemented to protect ELEMEX employees and sub-contractors  from unexpectable HSE Risks and also to safeguard the Health, Safety and Environment of persons not employed by ELEMEX but who could be affected by the Company’s Activities.

ELEMEX fully appreciate their responsibilities for Environmental Pollution Prevention and will conduct its undertakings in accordance with its approved legal requirements by striving to decrease level of pollution arising from the Company’s operations and products to achieve continuous reductions in the impact of the environment.

To comply with these commitments, ELEMEX will:
Work in a safe and Environment friendly manner, in accordance with all current applicable HSE legislation and other relevant HSE requirements of our interested parties.
View compliance with HSE legislation as a minimum objective and endeavor to establish HSE control of higher standards than those stipulated in domestic and local laws.
Regularly monitor and audit its activities for compliance with the HSE management Systems, Domestic and International Regulation.
Only select Sub-contractors and suppliers who are able to demonstrate a continual commitment to prevention of pollution and are capable of accomplishing high levels of HSE control whilst carrying out their duties.
Conduct regular inspections and audits on sub-contractors and suppliers to monitor their HSE activities. Make stringent efforts to reduce Health and Safety risks in order to achieve our ultimate safety goal of zero - accident
Review periodically and upgrade as necessary the HSE Policy document and their HSE Management Systems.

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We Are Specialized in Electromechanical Works, Plumbing, ELV Systems, Firefighting Systems, Networking

ELEMEX will continuously upgrade the awareness level of their field Employees in Health and Safety issues to Avoid and Prevent accidents, Injuries, occupational Illness and secure environment protection


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